About Owiwi Animal Photography

Owiwi consists of animal photography, handmade products with our own photography and, above all, a passion for animals!

Owiwi all started with Norma Jesse photography. When we, Norma and Beau, met during a photo shoot for Liv, Beau’s Barn Owl, and our personalities clicked straight away. In her spare time, Beau likes to work with Birds of Prey and she would like to get her falconry permits in the future. Because of our mutual love for both animals and photography, we partnered up, and the Owiwi brand was born!

Owiwi is more than just photography; it’s focused on animals in general and also other animal-lovers. Owiwi is a creative project in which we can turn our ideas into reality. We design, draw and make products by hand. We collaborate with other designers and animal-lovers to make our project even more creative and exciting! Our main goal is to combine all three of our main concepts: Animals, photography and design, together.

All animals welcome

With our many years of experience, a large studio (located in De Meern, Utrecht) with many possibilities and our love for animals, we are the place for a photo shoot of your “pet”. Our project is focused on all animal species, from Dogs and Cats to Reptiles and even Birds of Prey! The possibilities are endless!


But what does Owiwi mean? Owiwi means Owl, and the reason that we have chosen the name “Owiwi” for our project is because Owls (and Birds of Prey), as well as other animals, have a special place in our hearts. Our logo is in the form of an Owl, and we even have an Owl mascot, the White-Faced Scops Owl, Eve, that belongs to Beau.

Through Owiwi we hope to share our passion and ideas with you. For more information, check out our website or email to info@owiwi.nl. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Owiwi, Photography, Owls and More.