Photo Studio

Owiwi Fotostudio De Meern UtrechtOwiwi Fotostudio De Meern UtrechtOwiwi Fotostudio De Meern Utrecht

Photo studio:

Our photo studio is located in De Meern (Utrecht) in the industrial area Oudenrijn. And is located in the premises of Eye2id. The studio is easily accessible from the A2, A12 and A27.

The studio floor is 60m2 with an effective area of 46m2. Deze This studio features a photo wall, also called Limbo Wand ‘or infinite wall. The floor area is large enough to photograph large objects such as motorbikes and cars. Besides the white background there are several other available backgrounds and various accessories.

Our studio is located on the ground floor. You can park your car in front of the studio for free.

Our address:
Landzigt 16-11
De Meern Utrecht