The colors of fall

We really enjoyed our first photoshoot outside with Eve, so we decided to do another one. Again in the park in Utrecht (the Netherlands) but this time we came up with a fall/autumn theme!



In the Netherlands autumn starts on the 21st of september and we really love this season! The leaves change color and start falling from the trees, the days get shorter and colder and we like to snuggle up to each other during this time of year.


The first thing we noticed was that some leaves matched Eve’s eyes. You’ve probably already noticed that Eve has big, beautiful orange-colored eyes. An owls eye color seems to be an indicator of when the owls prefer to hunt. Owls with dark eyes, hunt at night. Owls who hunt during daytime seem to have yellow eyes and owls who hunt during dawn and dusk seem to have orange-colored eyes. This is only just a theory. Regardless of eye color, owls have excellent eyesight and they’re also able to see in the dark.


During the photoshoot we wanted Eve to sit on the ground, in the grass, between all the beautiful colored leaves, but she didn’t really like it. Every time we tried to put her on the ground she jumped on my lap and snuggled up to me. Which was very cute, but it didn’t work out for the photos. The problem was solved when we found a little piece of wood for her to sit on. There’s one photo in particular, that we like the most of all. In this picture she has a little orange-colored leave on her head, it looks as if she’s wearing a very stylish little owl hat! It’s so adorable!


Eve by Owiwi Photography Owl in Fall

Eve by Owiwi Photography Owl in Fall

After we got some good photos, we went home. On our way back she fall asleep on my arm, which indicates that she feels safe. She’s getting used to Norma and her camera and the bond between Eve and Beau is getting stronger. Our take on this day; stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

Owner: Beau van Stiphout
Model: Eve

Photographer: Norma Jesse / Owiwi
Writer: Beau van Stiphout / Owiwi

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