Talented Boris

Meet Boris! Boris is a talented Jack Russel from The Netherlands. He even has his own Facebook page! Facebook.com/boricasso

Nothing in the images below is edited. Boris can hold items, do amazing tricks and he’s probably the cutest dog you’ve ever seen! We’ve actually met Boris during an animal casting. You can book him on dierencasting.nl! We’ve had a lot of fun, working together with Boris!

Jack Russell Boris Card Collection

Boris has his very own card collection in our webshop and at Kaartje2Go.nl a Dutch card company.
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Kaartje2go – Boris collectie

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In this blog we like to tell you the story behind the photos.

Jack Russell Boris Get well

Boris with a fruit basket
For our ‘Get Well’ card, we wanted to put Boris in a fruit basket, holding fruit in his mouth. So he practiced holding an apple at the stem. But unfortunately we discovered the stems on the apples in our photo studio were too short for Boris to hold. We had to improvise and think of a solution. At first we tried a pear, which looked a little strange. After that, we tried a banana. He never held a banana before but lucky for us it wasn’t a problem, and he gave us a big smile! This picture turned out great!

Jack Russell Boris Ball
Boris and his ball
One of Boris his favorite games is catching the ball with his paws. Of course, like any other dog, Boris gets really excited when he sees the ball. But the way he plays catch is rather special. We’ve had a lot of fun taking this picture!

Jack Russell Boris Love
Boris holding heart chocolates
Who knew dogs could be this romantic? We wanted to try if Boris could hold this box of chocolates, which is pretty difficult because of the odd shape. But after two tries, Boris managed to hold the box without any problems. Chocolates are bad for dogs, but don’t worry. After every trick, Boris is being rewarded with his own favorite snacks!

Jack Russell Boris holding flowers

Boris holding flowers
How to surprise your loved ones? Right! With a big bouquet of flowers! Boris already surprised a lot of people by giving them a bouquet of flowers as a gift on their birthdays. Isn’t he thoughtful? We thought the bouquet on the picture might be too big and too difficult to hold, but Boris pulled it off!

Jack Russell Boris holding present
Boris holding a gift
If you thought Boris can only hold things standing up, you were wrong. Boris also practiced holding things while laying on his back, that’s how we got this awesome photo! Don’t tell anyone but this gift is actually a empty tea package. We stacked two small boxes at first and taped them together. It was difficult for Boris to hold them up straight as he couldn’t see what he was doing. So we decided one gift was the way to go! 

Jack Russell Boris Coconut

Boris the party animal
What’s more fun than drinking from a coconut? We wanted a sunny, happy look for this photo and of course we couldn’t leave out sunglasses! Boris never wore sunglasses before though. He practiced wearing them at home. The only problem was wearing the glasses and holding the straw at the same time, because the glasses slowly slipped down from his nose. He didn’t mind wearing the sunglasses at all, he looked so handsome! Boris is so talented and he loves to learn new things!

Jack Russell Boris Hot Dog
Boris and a hot dog
This was quite a challenging task. Boris knows how to hold a hot dog sausage without eating it, but he never tried it with a bun before. Of course Boris ended up drooling and nibbling tiny bits of the bun. Sneaky Boris! But do we blame him? Of course not! I think it would be hard for us too, to hold something so tasty in our mouths, without eating it. Good dog!

Jack Russell Boris Sorry

Boris praying
This trick is called praying, one of the many tricks Boris knows. We actually had an idea for another birthday card, but instead of giving us the pose we wanted, he surprised us with this pose! And we don’t even mind, he’s so cute! Don’t be sorry Boris, we loved your special pose! 

We’d like to thank Boris and his owner who practices with him every single day. Without her this wouldn’t have been possible. She’s an amazing trainer and she’s Boris’s best friend! And we’d also like to thank Boris, for showing us his amazing tricks! 
If you want to see more of Boris his tricks, you should definitely check out his Facebook page! facebook.com/boricasso

Owner: Annabelle Hendriks
Model: Boris

Photographer: Norma Jesse / Owiwi
Writer: Beau van Stiphout / Owiwi